Abbi Pulling

Formula 1 Academy Racing Driver

Abbi Pulling is a female British racing driver. At the age of 19 she has won multiple karting championships and had multiple podiums. Abbi's sights are set on reaching the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula 1. Currently racing in the Formula 1 Academy with the Rodin Carlin team.

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The Climate Coalition

The Climate Coalition

Fighting Climate Change

The Climate Coalition are a group of over 130 organisations reaching across the UK to show their love for all the things they want to protect from climate change.

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Planting Trees Globally

Enabling people to plant one tree for free everyday with minimal effort, and by helping organisations spread the word about their sustainable products and services with even more trees.

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Tiffany Chittenden

GT3, Karting and Formula 3 Racing Driver

Tiffany (Tiff) Chittenden has been racing since the age of 12. This was almost inevitable given her family’s motorsport heritage - father Mike Chittenden was a former Touring Car driver and her mother was associated with the Vanwall Formula one Team in the 60’s.

Beyond the heritage of her family, Tiff is making waves of her own. Since winning her first ever race at the age of twelve she has lived to race. The first female ever to win a British National Kart Championship, Tiff has succeeded in every level of Kart racing since and (has) shown her natural talent as a racing driver on every occasion she has driven a racing car – including winning her class in her first ever car race.


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