Instant CF Management

CFManager is a simple yet powerful cPanel plugin which allows you to setup and manage ColdFusion Datasources from cPanel. Before this was never possible without direct access to the CF Admin which is a root/server level management UI.

As CFManager is custom built by our in-house developers is has a full roadmap of future features and integrations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CFManger included on all CF packages?

CFManager is included as standard on all shared & reseller packages. It is not included in VPS or Dedicated Server services. On VPS and Dedicated Servers you will have access to the CF Admin.

How do I access CFManager?

It is very simple to access CFManager, just login to your cPanel account and locate the CFManager icon.

Is CFManager branded with Host Media?

In keeping with our whitelabel service design there is no branding in CFManager or cPanel that relates to Host Media.