Earn money just for recommending us to your friends and family.

We offer some of the best rates for hosting affiliates with a 20% affiliate commission on any service. So, for example, if someone orders a package when using your link to our website and the total amount is £100 GBP you will earn £20 GBP.

All earnings will be pending for a total of 60 days to ensure that the account is active and not a spam order. Also, when you earn over £50 GBP you will be able to withdraw the money to your account. Nice and easy for something that costs you nothing.

Our affiliate program is one of the easiest to use, to help make it simpler for you to start earning money. We make sure to give you everything you need in order to start earning money, without the need of technical skills. We also base our system around how much a referrals order is and not by what they order. This gives you more chance of users ordering a large group of products with us, meaning you earn more.

You can share your affiliate link directly to your friends and family or share online via social channels such as Twitter.

How it works

  • Copy and paste your referral tracking link on to your website
  • You will be paid for referrals who sign up with us by clicking on your referral tracking link
  • View live stats for all your referrals
  • View payments by referral
  • Keep track of your commission payouts

Payout Overview

  • Affiliates will be paid for every successful new sign-up referred to us via the referral tracking link
  • New sign-ups must stay a minimum of 60 days for affiliate commission to be paid
  • Affiliates are paid via PayPal when their account reaches £50 GBP minimum withdrawal limit
  • If a referral changes their service plan within 60 days of their sign-up, the referral commission of the lower priced plan will be paid
  • If a referral cancels or charges-back, the affiliate will not be paid a referral commission

Instant Stats

All stats are updated instantly, so you know how much you earn as soon as anyone orders through your affiliate link. Just send the unique URL we will generate for you to your friends and family.