Instant DDoS Protection

Successful DDoS attacks can cause significant downtime for web applications, websites and servers. Our DDoS protection is available for free and enabled on all services by default. Traffic on our network is automatically monitored for anomalies 24/7/365. When a DDoS Attack is detected, incoming traffic is re-routed to our Attack Mitigation Farm (AMF).

Network Traffic

So what is DDoS and how do we defend against it

A denial-of-service attack is an online attack where the hackor/perpetrator attempts to make a server or network unavailable by temporarily or indefinitely disrupting services.

The most common way is to send a large number of requests to a server causing it to use up all of its resources or network speed. Without any protection in place a server will be overloaded with requests which would slow the network down to a halt.

Our data centres are protected by an in-house DDoS filtering and scrubbing centre with upto 200Gb/s of incoming protection from Corero (UK) and equivalent providers in our other hosting locations. Our UK data centre also provides additional security benefit of Level 7 DDoS protection with Corero.