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Our goal since the beginning was to create an amazing hosting experience for our customers, since 2008 when we launched the Host Media brand we did just that. Enterprise hardware, backed by an amazing set of features and most importantly, offering it at an affordable price.

Being a customer focused company from the beginning has meant our services and technology has envolved quite a bit over the 16 years to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers. Today we host thousands of websites over 3 continents and it is growing every day.

Host Media Awarded Best Cloud Hosting Provider 2020

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Why use Host Media?

We were asked this question so many times in the early stages of starting up Host Media, as people know, there are thousands of hosting companies offering the same thing. This is hard to compete with, but with our 16 years of experience running successful hosting companies and a team dedicated to providing fantastic support, we are a great company to host with. Since we started, we have been awarded 5 stars by our customers, won a number of awards and rated highly by professional review sites.

Our background

Since 2002, we have been hosting websites and now Host Media is the face of all of our hosting solutions. We first started out back in 2002 specialising in video/media streaming, this was an area we were very interested to get into as it was pretty new back then. With such software technologies as FFMpeg and Ming extensions using the latest Intel Quad Core Xeons servers, it was great to see how people interacted with these services. One major boost in this industry was sites such as YouTube, which was one of the first major video hosting providers on the web. This in turn made many companies want to copy the service for their own clients and customers. This is where we had the perfect hosting environment, with our super fast, low latency network connections worldwide and high processing power to handle thousands of video services every second, we soon become a well known name in media hosting.

Since 2008, we have grown to have servers located in 3 continents, with more planned in the future, and have become a major CFML hosting provider which is where our developing roots are. With open-source projects such as Lucee (previously named Railo) we have been able to help make CFML an affordable solution for developers.

We are continuing to grow in the fields of CFML (both Lucee and Adobe ColdFusion engines) and our heavy media solutions, but now have a larger team and more resources available to us. This includes offering virtual and dedicated servers with a full management team to help our customers 24/7.


Host Media is part of a growing network of service providers. We are always looking how to expand our services and in doing so we create brands to better suite our offering.

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