The world is changing because of our actions, and in turn, has caused climate change - Host Media is dedicated to doing its bit to help prevent further change, that's why we have signed up to support The Climate Coalition and the TreeApp groups.

Jonathon Lucas
Host Media CEO & Founder

Supporting The TreeApp

You can plant a tree for free just by downloading the Treeapp or if you are a business like us, why not donate and make your company climate positive by helping fund 6 UN Sustainable Development Goals, as well as planting trees across the globe.

Visit the TreeApp
Supporting a greener future

Offsetting our carbon footprint with trees

Every month we donate for the planting of trees around the world to not just offset our carbon footprint but to go further. We monitor our power and general carbon footprint closely to ensure we plant more trees than required, turning Host Media into a Carbon Negative company. We even got a tree dedicated in our name via the Heart of England Forest charity.

1540+ Trees Planted & Counting!