Delayed VPS orders

  • 1st December 2011

Over the past 24 hours we have had a large increase in sales of our VPS services, due to this we have used up our current servers. We have our team implementing new servers into our racks and configuring virtual services now. As soon as these are tested and ready we will setup all pending VPS's straight away.

Thank you,

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Video Tutorials Now Available

  • 13th September 2010

We are very proud to announce our release of over 100 online video tutorials for cPanel/WHM, LxAdmin and phpMyAdmin to help all levels of users to understand some of the most common features available.

Visit the video page at:

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Railo Service - Reboot Underway

  • 29th July 2010

We are currently working on an issue where apache created a log file over 20GB which used up the rest of the hard drive we have in the server. The reboot will take 10min to fully go through.

Please visit back here for updates.

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Railo Services - Amends Tomcat

  • 21st May 2010
We have been working with the Railo team to improve our hosting services for Railo and we have made a few changes to our config which are listed below. Please note some of these changes may effect your website so please make sure to read through the changes and if you have any problems please do contact us so we can help.   Increased CPU ...
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