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Important Announcement Railo services - Server upgrade and relocation!

  • Wednesday, 13th June, 2012
  • 11:06am


Over the past couple of months we have been working hard on our new infrastructure in the US and Germany for our Railo services. With this upgrade we are going to move all our current US Railo customers to the new data centre in Phoenix, Arizona at the end of July (Set Date: Monday 30th July 2012).

Our team will be doing all the migration work so you will not need to do anything apart from update your A:Records and any custom DNS settings if you are not using the standard DNS/Name Servers we provide.

What are the benefits of this move?

Our new servers are twice as powerfully than our old ones and are based on scalable server technology which allow us to increase the power & performance without any major downtime. The new servers are also more regular backed up which is also due to our infrastructure upgrade.

Is there any expected downtime?

We are hoping to be able to transfer all the sites without casuing any downtime as we will be creating a system wide Kloxo backup and then restoring it on our new server. If you have dynamic content and update it during the migration period it may not be included within the data file we restore on the new server.

We will not shut down the old server until we are sure everyone has been moved and running on the new server. You will still be able to login and use the old server but a notice period of 14 days after the transfer we will shut down the server.

New US server details

Please feel free to test the connection speeds of our new servers.

Main IP:

Thank you for your understanding and we hope you enjoy hosting your services on our new servers.

Host Media Team | http://www.hostmedia.co.uk/

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