IP blocked? Use our new unblocking tool

  • 27th August 2013
You can now unblock your IP from our servers firewall if you find yourself locked out of your hosting. To do this just visit this URL: or you can use the navigation bar within your client portal: 'Support' => 'Unblock IP Address'This service is currently only available on the ...
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ColdFusion Windows (UK) ~ Service improvements

  • 19th June 2012
Over the course of this week our team are going to be looking at reported issues of memory leaks and service failures on our ColdFusion Windows server (UK). We will be looking at improving the following systems: Fix service failure issues due to memory limits Improve ColdFusion 9 service running speeds Improve ColdFusion 9 service ...
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Important Announcement Railo services - Server upgrade and relocation!

  • 13th June 2012
FOR WASHINGTON DC RAILO CUSTOMERS ONLY Over the past couple of months we have been working hard on our new infrastructure in the US and Germany for our Railo services. With this upgrade we are going to move all our current US Railo customers to the new data centre in Phoenix, Arizona at the end of July (Set Date: Monday 30th July 2012). Our team ...
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Delayed VPS orders

  • 1st December 2011

Over the past 24 hours we have had a large increase in sales of our VPS services, due to this we have used up our current servers. We have our team implementing new servers into our racks and configuring virtual services now. As soon as these are tested and ready we will setup all pending VPS's straight away.

Thank you,

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