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ColdFusion has a huge community and support so we thought we would share some of the great websites & resources we have found for ColdFusion (Includes CF open source projects such as Railo).

Tutorials / Documentation

  • Adobe CF9 Docs
    Created to give you all the info you could need to know about CF with tag references and general instructions.
  • EasyCFM (Recommended)
    One of the oldest CF tutorial websites around with hundreds of tutorials for all levels of developers. A great place to start learning ColdFusion.
  • HotScripts
    Not just ColdFusion, HotScripts provides full scripts, tutorials and an online community.
  • RIAForge
    Open Source projects built on Adobe technology such as AIR / CF / Flex etc.

Radio / Podcast

  • CFHour
    The CFHour podcast is primarly focused on ColdFusion. While they do discuss other technologies, ColdFusion is the primary focus. They will give you insight and usefull information on ColdFusion, internet technologies and anything else they deem relevant. Presented by Dave Ferguson (Twitter / Website) and Michael Sean Becker (Twitter / Website).
  • 2 devs from down under
    A brand new show by Mark Mandel and Kai both involved in the ColdFusion community, projects and general Adobe products.
  • Coldfusion Podcast
    A podcast dedicated to ColdFusion with special guests such as Ray Camden, Ryan Stewart, and Mark Drew (guests on episode 28).

Personal Blogs

  • Ben Nadel (Recommended)
    Chief software engineer at Epicenter Consulting, a boutique software company in New York City that specializes in developing high-end, customized business solutions using ColdFusion and jQuery. Twitter.
  • Raymond Camden
    Known as ColdFusion Jedi, Raymond Camden is one of the leading ColdFusion developers with a huge online community and projects. Twitter.
  • Janusz Buda
    A web developer living in Essex, England developing in CF, AIR, Flex and many other technologies to create stunning applications. Twitter.
  • Jonathon Joyce
    ColdFusion developer who has become known for his Campaign Monitor CFC work and general projects for ColdFusion. Twitter.
  • Stephen Moretti (Nil Desperandum)
    A ColdFusion Developer since 1997 working on a number of projects and part of some of the large CF communities. Twitter.
  • Matt Gifford
    A ColdFusion ACP, constant blogger, developer of open-source applications, co-organiser of Scotch on the Rocks, and has just released his first ColdFusion book. Twitter.

ColdFusion Events & Communities

  • Scotch on the Rocks
    The longest running European ColdFusion Conference with a yearly event (2011 in Edinburgh - 2010 was in London). Twitter.
  • Adobe Max
    MAX is a unique opportunity to connect with thousands of designers, developers, and business leaders as we shape the future of digital media together.

Applications / Scripts (Paid & Open Source)

  • BlogCFC
    BlogCFC is an easy to use ColdFusion blog created by Raymond Camden. The BlogCFC script allows you to have your own ColdFusion blog packed with features which can be extended.
  • Mura CMS
    One of the most popular ColdFusion & Railo content management systems, Mura allows developers and designs to create stunning websites with the control anyone could need.
  • Mango Blog
    A free and open source ColdFusion blogging software product.

Open Source Projects

  • Railo
    Railo is a fast, free, open-source server that gives unparalleled power to your web applications. It's (super) fast, feature-rich, simple and powerful... and the best part it is free!
  • CFTracker
    A handy open source / free tool that allows you to find out what your ColdFusion applications are doing. Installed for server wide so you can see if there are any problems with your sites. Works with Railo & ColdFusion.

Want to recommend or want your website listed?

If you have a website, blog, radio/podcast show, application or script you would like us to look at to add to our list please use the contact form to send us your details. Thank you.

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