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Check available disk space on your server with SSH for Linux After accessing your Linux server via SSH you can use the 'df' command to find the free space... Convert Windows Server Evaluation to the retail edition When a new VM or dedicated server is setup with a Windows Server OS, it can be deployed with the... Editing files in SSH using VI VI is a Linux text editor that can edit most of the files under a Linux architecture (text files,... How To Install and Uninstall FrontPage Extensions This tutorial will show you how to install and uninstall FrontPage extensions. Please note that... How to I stop & start Plone To start Plone, issue the following command in a terminal window: sudo -u plone... How to enable custom PHP.INI settings Making changes to the PHP.INI can be done for your account by doing the following. In this... How to export your IIS websites list to a xls (Excel) file - WINDOWS ONLY You may wish to create a list of websites that are hosted on your Microsoft Windows IIS server,... How to install a .bin file using SSH on Ubuntu/CentOS Bin files are Linux self-extracting binary files that is commonly used for server-side software.... Keeping SSH session running using 'Screen' Screen is like a window manager for your console. It will allow you to keep multiple terminal... Redirect from non-https (http) to https using htaccess Redirecting from HTTP to HTTPS is very easy and a lot of control panels such as cPanel have... Redirecting all domains to one domain using htaccess Sometimes you will want to migrate all domains that point to the same webroot to a single domain... Where to find your servers httpd.conf file The httpd.conf directory differs across Linux / Unix variants like CentOS, Mac OS X, Red Hat,... rkhunter (Rootkit Hunter) Install Guide What is rkhunterrkhunter (Rootkit Hunter) is a Unix-based tool that scans for rootkits, backdoors...
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