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Here are some key points and issues when migrating from or to Linux/Windows servers.

MsSQL Support
Only Windows servers support MsSQL but you can request remote MsSQL services or migrate your SQL to use MySQL.

Windows Permissions
Windows servers use Windows authorisation so if you are using to upload files you will not need to set folder permissions.

Linux Permissions
Linux uses a very different type of permission system which works more securely than Windows servers. Each account has its own user setup for Apache and other web services. When you are writing files to the server you will need to use your FTP program (or the control panels built in file manager) to change the permissions on folders or files. To allow a folder or file full read, write and execute permissions you will need to set the permissions to '777'.

Application.cfc/cfm Naming
On Windows servers you can name the application file without any case sensitive worries but in Linux OS's you need to have a capital 'A' on your file. So in Linux you need to make sure Application.cfc/cfm has the capital 'A' at the start.

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