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Custom name servers (DNS) Print

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Custom name servers can be done depending on if we have registered / transferred your domain name or you own and manage it your self.

1) We registered / transferred it:

You can make a request to our team by opening a support ticket with the DNS requirements. ( or

2) You manage your own domain:

If you manage your own domain name you will need to ask your register to setup this up for you and provide them with the two IP address we use. If your register gives you the systems to do this your self such as an eNom account then you can assign each IP address to an DNS record.

Example of DNS: OR => OR =>

The above IP addresses are examples, within your welcome email you will see our white-label nameservers with the corresponding IP addresses which you can use to register your own custom DNS..

If you have any problems or questions feel free to contact our support team.

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