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Welcome to the quick start guide on using our VPN services.

Before we go into anything, make sure you have purchased a VPN plan, you can view our full range of plans at

VPN Clients

What is a VPN client? Put simply a VPN client is a piece of software installed on a device such as a PC or mobile phone which establishes a secure connection between that device and a VPN server.

We provide our own VPN clients but you can of course use your own if you prefer. You can download Openvpn config files from your client portal which most common VPN clients can import.

Let's get started, select the appropriate option below to download the VPNDome client. 

Once downloaded, run the installation according to your device.


Our VPN client has been created to be super simple to get started with.

Once you have installed the VPNDome VPN client you should see something similar to the below example for MacOS which will allow you to configure your VPN and get connected with a click of a button.

MacOS Setup Example

If the settings box has not appeared click on the "Setting" button at the bottom of the screen. Once you have the setting panel open enter the username and password from your client portal or welcome email and click "Update".

Now that you have entered your login information you can now select a server location to connect to on the main panel and click the centre button with the label 'SWITCH ON'. That's it, you are now running through a secure VPN located in your selected country.

iPhone iOS Setup Example

When you first open the VPN Client app you will see a screen similar to the below with a message prompting you to add your VPN logins. 

Click on the "Settings" button at the bottom of the screen to enter your login details.

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