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Below is a step by step guide on how to install Umbraco on our Windows Plesk hosting services. This will work on any server that uses Plesk as the control panel (shared / reseller / VPS / Dedicated / Cloud etc).
  1. Login to your Plesk control panel
  2. Select the 'Websites & Domains' tab from your control panel for your website subscription
  3. Click on the link: 'ASP.NET Settings' (You will find this near to the bottom of the 'Advanced Operations' section)
  4. Select the change version icon and then select .NET 4 (Will look something like this: 4.0.30319.1)
  5. Create a MsSQL or MySQ database with it's own database user. If you are using MsSQL please make sure to copy the SQL server name (Example: .\MSSQLSERVER2008)
  6. Download Umbraco 4.6 from this URL:
  7. Unzip Umbraco 4.6 and upload all the contents of the 'build' folder to the web directory (Example: /httpdocs) using your FTP program
  8. Go back to your Plesk control panel and select the 'File Manager' click httpdocs (or the web directory folder used).
  9. Now we have to set the permissions of some folders and a file within the 'File Manager'. For the following files (see list below with its required permission setting) we need to loop through some steps.

    app_code = (Read & Execute)
    app_browsers = (Read & Execute)
    app_data = (Modify)
    bin = (Modify)
    config = (Modify)
    css = (Modify)
    data = (Modify)
    install = (Read & Execute)
    masterpages = (Modify)
    media = (Modify)
    python = (Modify)
    scripts = (Modify)
    umbraco = (Modify)
    umbraco_client = (Read & Execute)
    usercontrols = (Modify)
    xslt = (Modify)
    web.config = FILE (Modify)

    a) Click on the padlock icon at the far right of the file
    b) Untick 'Allow inheritable permissions from the parent to propagate to this object and all child objects. Include these with entries explicitly defined here' - This is at the top of the page
    c) Click on 'Plesk IIS Anonymous Account (*username*)' and set the permission listed above
    d) Click on 'Plesk IIS Worker Process Identity Account (*username*)' and set the permission listed above
    e) Now click the 'OK' button to confirm the new permissions
  10. Repeat for each of the folders listed and the 'web.config' file.
  11. Now that the permissions are setup enter the sub/domain where you have uploaded your Umbraco files to (Example and you will be redirected to the Umbraco installation page
  12. Follow the instructions and enter the requested database details
  13. After you have installed Umbraco successfully, you should rename or delete the folder: 'install'. You can also modify the permissions on the web.config file to not to 'Modify'
  14. Finished
If you have any issues installing Umbraco please contact our sales team who have been trained to install this.

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