How to Manage Your Plugins in WordPress Print

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This tutorial will teach you how to manage your plugins in WordPress. First you need to log in and go to your Dashboard. On the left hand side you will see a column of items. Near the bottom is Plugins. Click on this link and expand the menu.

You will see Plugins, Add New and Editor. Click on Plugins. The page that comes up will show you a list of all your installed plugins. At the bottom of each individual plugin are three links - Activate, Edit and Delete. To Activate any plugin, click on its Activate link.

At the top of the page, is a link to Add New plugins. Click on the Add New, and it will take you to a Install Plugins page. To find more plugins, you may browse the WordPress Plugin Directory simply by clicking on the link in the top paragraph.

To Edit plugins, click on the Editor in the menu on the left hand side. This will allow you to select and edit your plugins. However, this is only for the advanced user, as editing can break the plugin rather easily.

This completes this tutorial. You now know how to manage your plugins in WordPress.

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