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Applications We have tested several applications for the functionality with Lucee. Here's a list of the most... CFML Compatibility Railo tries to adhere the CFML standard as good as possible, Still there are some differences... Detecting HTTPS using x-https You can use x headers to detect if the URL is using HTTP or HTTPS, you will find the header... Enabling Lucee/Railo on a domain using Tomcat (VPS/Dedicated Only) IF you have a dedicated server or a VPS with Lucee (or the older version; Railo) installed and... Fixing java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at sun.font.CompositeFont.getSlotFont Errors FULL ERROR: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0at... Frameworks Here's a list of the most important CFML frameworks that have been tested successfully with Railo... Increasing Lucee / Tomcat Memory (VPS/Dedicated Only) For some you may need to increase the memory in Apache Tomcat for Lucee to use.Edit the file... Installing SeeFusion for Lucee on Linux Tomcat We have documented the process to install SeeFusion Java Monitor onto a Linux server running... Just installed Railo but SES URL's not working To fix this issue please see the below article by Kevan Stannard Codex uses URLs that have the... Lucee Linux file permissions Linux requires extra commands for handling files with Lucee: cffile mode=""When working with... Requesting site(s) to use Railo As our current systems do not allow automatic creation of the Railo service if you need to add a... Seeing a server error If you are seeing this error:     Service Temporarily Unavailable The server... Settings : Sending Mail All CFML based services require some mail settings to be added within either the <cfmail>...
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